Experience Your
Spotify and iTunes
Music In True HD
Enhanced Audio
Our API turns your compressed and streaming audio into a full dynamic HD sound wave while creating a smaller file size. This is not simply EQ, our process "re-synthesizes" the lost information in compression. Creating a wider, deeper, fuller and crisper sound, while creating a faster streaming experience.
High Definition Spotify
Turn all your favorite Spotify tracks into
pure HD with a click of a button.
High Definition iTunes
Turn all iTunes tracks on your phone
into pure HD with a click of a button.
Car Audio
Upgrade your car system by simply engaging the MAX-D High Definition App and hear the change.
The HD Audio Lifestyle
Upgrade your audio lifestyle without spending thousands of dollars.
Simply turn on MAX-D High Definition and hear the change.
Hearing Health
Over 1.1 Billion of us are at risk for hearing loss, learn how the MAX-D audio APP can help protect your hearing.